As predicted, rain poured in. Undeterred, I went to Quirino Grand Stand maybe foolishly risking my health and my camera. But there was pride in what I was about to do afterall, this is the Aliwan Festival where the best 24 regional dance troups perform for the one million peso pot.

But more than bragging rights of who wins the top prize (there has always been a very fierce rivalry between the Sinulog representatives of Cebu and the Dinagyang delegates of Iloilo for years), each contingent just beams with pride to showcase who they are as a people.  For each group, there is real pleasure to present their own culture and heritage using their ethnic costumes and tribal moves. As such, it gives me esteem to be truly Filipino.

3 Responses to “pride”

  1. Hello! your website is kinda blurred but I do appreciate the pix. Nice shot! =) May I ask where exactly are they going to held the Aliwan festival this 2011?
    Thank you and more power.

    • by the way to answer your question regarding the aliwan festival. i am not sure. but i am here in the united states and may not be able to attend the yearly celebration.

  2. hi gma. thanks for your comment regarding the pictures. i do not quite understand what you meant that my blog is blurred. probably you may need to refresh the site. but i think my blog at the moment is perfectly fine – resolutionwise. thanks just the same.

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