guide me, mr. weatherman

As early as setting foot on Banaue, I got bus tickets for departure to Manila in three days.  This was the earliest advice Alex Ordillo had given me. I did not know the man, yet in due time he became our (me and my companions) guide for the visit. A little pushy to say the least to get our business, but he was amiable enough to accommodate our meager travel budget. Instead of getting one jeepney for our sidetrip, he was smart enough to recommend us to use two tricycles (my sole body needed my own trike) thus a better deal for us.

During the trip, he asked that we go to his ancestral area at Hiwang. And lo and behold, it was worth the visit afterall. I would have wanted to say what it was, but it is better that readers get to witness it for themselves. Just brace yourselves.

Alex seems to be popular among the locals afterall he was once an elected town councilor, and now is the Parent Teacher Association Prexy, and Chairman of the Tricycle Drivers Cooperative. This guy would not hesitate to sing a native ditty as he gave out details of the life and culture of the Ifugaonons.  And during the three day stay when we always had rains every afteronoon to spoil our visit, Alex would even give us a little lecture about the weather. Afterall, he was once a weatherman trainee at PAGASA.

For those going to Banaue, and interested in Alex’s service, call 0906317-3627/0916994-2390/0919229-6161.



One Response to “guide me, mr. weatherman”

  1. someday punta rin ako dyan. nami gid mag adventure.

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