chair man of the board

With many years and experience tucked neatly under his belt as part of the company that creates fine furniture, Architect Noel Suarez makes the bold decision of making it on his own. Together with the able help of his wife, Claire, Noel provides handsome art for his home furnishing, using mainly wrought iron, abaca processed rope, mahogany and palochina wood as materials. In his design studio, Grooves and Lines in Quezon City, he shows finely crafted interior sets, particularly modern house chairs which appeal to the high sense of aesthetic taste. The collection is decidedly Asian inspired. The home pieces are strong, heavy and sometimes massive, yet have that paradoxically, delicate  touch. For inquiries on his home furnitures, you may want to call his number at 09178044084.

13 Responses to “chair man of the board”

  1. mae hipolito Says:

    I like your designs. It’s simple, yet elegant. Will forward it to some friends in Manila.

  2. Buangit Says:

    Cool designs! Looking forward in checking out the actual products next year for my family’s vacation.

  3. gaganda ng designs…ill check it out when i go home this yr…sna u can post more pictures pa…dnt worry ill recommend you to some of my friends here or kahit hnde friends hehe…ill post this site everywhere…ok…

  4. Mr. Mharbi... Says:

    sir Suarez,

    Good day! jst visit your site from “telemirror”…and i was so happy & fortunate kc nagkaroon po me ng ideas about home furnitures & fictures. In fairness…gaganda po ng mga display items nyo…some are simple but UNIQUE ang dating…one of a kind.
    Hope someday…in God’s help pag na-finish na po ang contract ko d2 s Korea…makapasyal po me dyan sa display center nyo…in preparation for my future dream house…sana po when time comes ma-meet ko po kayo personally & to ask some advises & ideas regarding some interior designs as well as the style of the house…d furnitures to be used and some other proper arrangements of the house.
    Hope to hear from you soon…sir, GOD BLESS po.


  5. thanks for your generous comments joy and mr. mharbi. i have told architect suarez know about your comments.

  6. Noel Suarez Says:

    Hello Mharbi,

    Thanks for the compliment and thanks for writing. I’m so touched with your comments. I hope you can visit our showroom when you come back. I will be glad to assist you in building your home. You can reach my through my mobile at 0917-8063933 or 0919-8191113.

    Take care and God Bless you….


  7. Noel Suarez Says:

    Hi Joy,

    Thank you for the beautiful remarks. I hope you can visit our showroom when you come home this year.

  8. Noel Suarez Says:

    To: Mae Hipolito and Buangit,

    Thank you so much….Just text or call me anytime you want to visit our store and I’ll be glad to assist you.


  9. Shiela Ramirez Says:

    Hi Noel!

    I’m an interior designer and I wanna visit your showroom soon! Where is this located? How do i get there? I have clients now who need furniture pieces for their units =) Thank you.

  10. h shiela, please check the article again. the number of architect noel is in the article. thanks.

  11. Merry X’Mass!



  12. Mel del Rosario Says:

    May I inquire the location of your showroom. Thank you.

  13. home furnitures that uses hardwoord is a great option because hardwoods last longer …

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