fashion salvo

It is another round of Philippine Fashion Week for all style afficionados. Last night, with the kind help of Davao clothes genius, Ronan Opina, I was able to get inside SMX and take a sneek peek on what could be fashionably exciting for months to come. Twelve were able to present their collections. They were Benjie Panizales, Butz Fuentes, Catherine Cavilte, Czarina Villa, Emi Alexander-englis, Happy Andrada, Jerome Lorico, Nholie Pilapil, Nicky Martinez, Noe Reyes Nolie Vineza, and Ronan Opina. It was a mixed bag of ethnic inspired, retro, avantgarde, couture, and a lot of in-betweens. Pretty interesting.

10 Responses to “fashion salvo”

  1. yaniba! Says:

    ang bilis! kanina lang toh ah! 😀
    do you have pics from last night’s show? 🙂

  2. what do you mean, the other night?

    wala, i was not there.

  3. Christie Says:

    your pictures are great and interesting…keep it up, bro!

  4. Mike, nice colors and looks very sophisticated. ibang level ka talaga.

  5. am sure aaron, kaya mo rin yan. thanks for the comment.

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    best regards

  7. thanks antonio for the assistance.

  8. already bookmarked it antonio

  9. […] With the valuable help of hot Davao designer, Ronan Opina of Beadworks, I was able to get in and watch the Design Fusion Collection segment of Philippine Fashion Week – Spring/Summer Forecast for 2009. Obviously this time, the whole collection was less glitzy but more wearable than what was presented about six months ago at the Philippine Fashion Week – Holiday Collection. […]

  10. kita ko na ang fashion salvo ok parekoy ah .wala na ako ibang masabi kundi rock and roll ini kanami . just keep up the good work.

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