fashion salvo » part of davao’s opina collection

6 Responses to “part of davao’s opina collection”

  1. Hi Mike

    Love your pics!!!

  2. thanks tony, see yeah.

  3. mae hipolito Says:

    Hi mike you have a future in fashion photography. Keep up the good work.

    P.S. Ronan Opina is the designer for BEADWORKS located at Damosa Gateway, Lanang Davao City. Check out his collection when you visit Davao. He is known for his intricate beadworks and ethnic designs.

  4. thanks ate mae, wish i was able to talk to ronan more, and hopefully feature him and the design studio here in the site. next time na lang hopefully in davao.

  5. ate mae, you may want to give you shop number as well, just in case.

  6. mae hipolito Says:

    By the way, you can contact Beadworks at Tel. No. 082 3053510 or Ronan Opina at 09164198279 or Mae Hipolito at 09177031230

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