I have been to Iloilo many times, yet know so little of it. Since it is my parents’ province, I only get to be there usually during their town fiestas which limit my visits to meeting relatives and playing some mahjong. But the last time I went to this Southern province, I insisted to see places I have never been to. Instead of being chauferred driven, I asked my cousin to take me to some of the famed churches of Iloilo using public transportation. (There is nothing like using jeepneys and buses to know intimately a place.)

Thus after an early morning flight, we were off to one of the most precious spots of Iloilo, the church of Sto. Tomas de Villanueva of Miag-ao. At first glance,  the whole church seemed to be covered in chalk dust – yellow chalk dust.  Apparently, thick slabs of yellow sandstone have been used to create the church which acted also as a fortress from year 1797. Somehow the architecture looks unique, particularly when other Philippine churches try to reach the skies; this time, the Miag-ao Church squats on its own hugeness.

But still the whole edifice albeit short is imposing and regal. With the two bell towers, flanking the main part on each side, the image turns into something else. It is as if the church could be used as someone’s throne. Now, maybe my comment is too much of a hyperbole. Or maybe i am just a little stoned.



19 Responses to “stoned”

  1. Buangit Says:

    My Goodness. It’s one of those nice sites (Guimaras island also) that I haven’t been to! It is very ironic that I was born and raised in the Philippines and yet never had a chance to visit my parent’s “backyard”.
    Well besides looking forward to eating La Paz batchoy, Roberto’s siopao and biscocho in our vacation in 2009, I’ll make sure to check this one out. C YA!

  2. hey cousin, in my last visit, it was my first time to eat at robertos. yumyum nga ang siopao nila. thanks for your comments. see ya as well.

  3. by the way the cousin that i referred to is gerard. actually tiyo naton siya. haha.

  4. nice church shot mike. really loved the way you framed the church.

  5. thanks aaron, i really had to stretch my wideangle lens so that i could capture the whole church.

  6. and i could have captured more details of the church. but i guess i was more into the architecture of it. if just had a ladder, i could have gotten pics of the details near the top of the church. the details were interesting.

  7. Buangit Says:

    Hello cousin, does tiyo gerard still sell duster, etc? My wife and I still remember that. LOL

  8. hehe gerard is into fake baby g watches at the moment. anyway, gerard might passby this blog anytime soon.

    thanks cousin.

  9. Christie Says:

    nice shots bro….i love the historical background of the church

  10. thanks christie for the comment. i hope rasheed gets to read the blog as well.

  11. what a nice pic frog one (pinsan in tagalog) regards to gerard and to your sisters

  12. hi nene, it is nice to see you here. i hope everything is good in canada. i think it is.

    regards to elvie and kids.

  13. as you said everythings here is fine but the prices of all commodities here is too high also specially the gas $1.50 already and every week is going up we aralso short of rice here and the price is also expensive regards to all and happt fathers day to your dad

  14. hi nene. it is the same here. high gasoline and rice prices. happy father’s day to you as well. jane and family will be here by july.

  15. hello to my relatives,gna buking nyo gd ko sa bussiness ko . hahaha. bago na ngayon , ga baligya na ko martilyo kag pulgadira hahaha

  16. anyway mykski, guapo gid mga picture mo di, pamatyag ko daw ara ko sa mexico… indi ya pampanga ha?.

  17. rardsky, my ultimage guide, musta na. gulat naman ako sa mga comments mo. akala ko baka nagloloko lang. 5 comments agad. good you are here. i know wala ka na ga offer baby g and dusters. good nurse ka na. hahaha. nice to see you here. kung nandito ka pa. dami nating adventure.

  18. sorry gd mamhen di ko naka kadto sa imo sang december, kay its very far gd sa gn istaran ko sa alabang, maybe i can make pasyal u kon maka dayon ko da this february. just keep on rock in roll.

  19. ok lang. hirap din ang sched mo kasi. sige next time na lang. baka makapunta pa tayo ng batanes. just in case.

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