let’s play ball » facade of the marikina sports center

3 Responses to “facade of the marikina sports center”

  1. nice capture… was there once, jsut recently for a shoot with mayor fernando. nakita ko yung place na ito while on traffic… never got the chance to take a picture of this certain landmark kasi paspas na kami ng mga kasama ko… well maybe nextime pag nakabalik ng marikina

  2. thanks aaron for the comment again. ako naman i was there because i had cookie delivery. so in a way, two in one. ganun naman ako lagi. mahal na ang gasolina. hehe.

    i just hope you get to appreciate my main pic for this entry. parang naghahabulan ang mga statues.

  3. one more thing, aaron, as usual i had to plead with the guards to get in and take pictures. bawal daw. huh?. there are many places in metro manila which are offlimits to camerabugs like us, including intramuros.

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