urban refuge at half the usual price


There are days and times when you need to get a place that has all the essential elements of being like home but will not be costly on a daily basis. I then humbly present  to you my family’s little refuge that has been leased out by foreign guests at times for months.

Our place is a little bigger than the usual hotel unit, and has its own kitchen area where the microwave oven can be put into good use. There is also a set of tableware which you can utilize on the marble tabletop that can seat four people. And or course the area has the usual split type airconditioning, refrigerator, cable television, and heated shower.

The place is not in the most fashionable area (and not even in a fantastic building). Our place is near the corner of Roces Avenue and Quezon Boulevard. But it has access to many points as my unit is just 20 steps away from the main artery (Quezon Boulevard) of Quezon City. One can go to Trinoma and SM North, Quiapo, Cubao and MRT Station using public transportation. You may want to enjoy the night life near the area such as in Timog and Morato Avenues. Laugh your blues away at the comedy bars along Quezon Boulevard and Timog Avenue or go gaga over Pinoy stars at the nearby ABSCBN.

There is a variety of food that you can have downstairs. One can have the usual fast food stuff with Jollibee, Dunkin Donuts and Chowking nearby. But you can also have carinderia fare such as karekare, menudo, adobo or kaldereta at extremely low prices such that there is no need to cook food at all. There are 24/7 groceries even like 7-Eleven and the newly opened Ever Store just steps away. Of course, there is a laundry shop, like Metropole beside the building.

All of these and more at less than half the cost of the usual hotel price. For inquiries such as price and how to go there, please call or text me at 0917-8339894 or at 4180776.

You may want to check this unit as well: https://letsgopinas.wordpress.com/2008/09/28/and-then-theres-room-for-more-at-again-half-the-price/

Bonus: For minimum 10 consecutive nights check in, you are entitled to a P500 discount once you purchase an Urbanities Lifestyle Laptop Bag.


62 Responses to “urban refuge at half the usual price”

  1. i am very impressed with this urban refuge at less than usual price. It has a sense of great ambiance. I would most definitely rent out this little refuge.

  2. hi! can i inquire on the rates for this house. i would need details as to how many rooms available there. my boyfriend will be graduating in March 2009 and his whole family from Negros will come over for his graduation. we need a place where his family can stay for atleast 4 days to 1 week. please reply at my email address. thanks.

  3. will send you mail joy. thanks for inquiring.

    just to let others know, we are adding another unit.

    • How much yung unit one bedroom good for two person? daily rate and weekly rate. Malayo ba ito from the airport?

  4. kindly email the rate pls thanks

  5. hi. is it possible to stay in a week.? pls send me rate.

  6. hi mea, i already sent you the price through email. thanks.

  7. hi can you send me price details? is it available this weekend (sept 5 to 7/8) ? friday to sunday or until monday? Thanks a lot.

  8. hi glen, at the moment the unit has been reserved for the weekend.

    but we are adding another unit in the very near future so that we can accommodate more.



  10. hi fay.

    yeah i did get your text message. what we do is to put the two beds together. we already have done that for a guest.

  11. hi mr. mike…we are planning to rent a room or apartelle from Nov 8 to november 21 this year with my fiance, kindly send me your good rates on those days.please send me the rates and amenities included in your package in my email add mentioned above as soon as possible.
    we are looking forward for your reply.
    please include the payments terms as well.thanks a lot

  12. hi cezz, i think you also sent me a message through text. i already sent you details through email. thanks for inquiring.

  13. can u please give me rates and the exact address pls? and how many people can stay here?

  14. hello,
    i just want to know if how much your rate for a month. I’m planning to stay first week of november to the 18th of December. I’m alone,please can you send me some details.Thank you very much.

  15. Hi.. can u give me the exact rate we want to stay for one month, and if ur place is available on Nov 28 til january 2? thanks, looking forward to hear from you..

  16. h gie i already sent you email. thanks.

  17. […] the feature on our family’s personal unit has been posted(https://letsgopinas.wordpress.com/2008/06/28/urban-refuge-at-half-the-usual-cost/), some inquiries poured in if the unit can accommodate more than two people.  Apparently it can, […]

  18. wow! very much modern since the time i last saw it!

  19. hi cousin musta na. i have another unit to be leased out just in case. just check the site. also am coming up with urbanities products. so just hang on. hi to everyone there.

  20. hi.. is it available this december? can you email me the rate just for two to four days… nice place anyways.. ill be waiting. thanks again

  21. hi, i was wondering if you got my comment. if so would please answer my questions. thanks.

  22. hi veena yes i did get your question. and i answered it directly through your email address. but apparently it bounced back. can i have your email address again. thanks.

  23. hi veena you can email me at mijodo2005@yahoo.com. thanks.

  24. Avaliability, Address and Rate…
    December 15th – 18.
    Also, you did say there is a kitchen in the Unit.
    Is there a decent market/grocery very near by?
    How far, approximately is the nearest grocery store or super-market (for food not already prepared.)
    Do you have a recent picture of the room (cell phone image would be fine)

  25. hi jim, i already emailed you my response to your queries. by the way i forgot the unit is still the same as in the pictures so there is no need for me to do pics again.

    • mijodo, gud evening pwede dn b q inquire s mga rates nyo? heres my # 0918 430 2774. hope u can help me im Grey of makati.

  26. Can you email me the rates for this room,your contact number and exact location of this place?
    thanks in advance

  27. Hi! I am planning to rent your place from March 18 to April 1,2009, could you please send me the rate. I have some few questions hope its okey,
    where is the exact location? is it safe?

    Thank you very much! Kindly send your reply via my email

  28. Ismael Tabije Says:


    I’m looking for an apartelle to rent for about 3 months (from April to June 2009) in the Quezon City area. I a need a one-room apartel with complete cooking and dining facilities. Your description only says microwave oven; does it have a stove or cooking range, too?

    Is there any possibility I could have internet connection in the room? Will you charge extra for it? How much, if so?

    Or alternatively, is there an internet cafe nearby? How far from the hotel?

    Can I request for pics of the room?

    What’s the room rate per month?


  29. Hi, could you pls. send me the rent costs thru email for both units. How big is the unit and how many maximum people can stay in it for 2 days,2 nights.

  30. Hi, nice place you’ve got there! Do you have overnight rates, and would the unit be available from Apr 18-19? Thanks!

  31. Luisa Batiancila Says:


    You’ve got a really good place. Could you please email me your rates for both units? My boyfriend’s parents are coming to Manila this weekend, and we badly need a place for them to stay. I’m wondering if you have available units from April 26 – 29, 2009? Just for 2 people.

    Would really appreciate if you could send me back a reply.

    Thanks and Godspeed!


  33. hi! i’m interseted to rent a room. my husband & i will be in manila from june 10 to 13. please email me the room rates. thanks!

  34. hi can i have a price list too.. cuz i was finding some place to stay dis 1st of june til 7th… where does this place exactly? tnx

  35. Hi i would like to inquire your room rates i need a fully furnished room for 2 and a half weeks this coming sept 16. please email me the details thanks

  36. can you email me the rate for like two days and two nights stay good for two people.

  37. Hi,

    Just would like to inquire your rates per day…are there rooms available probably saturday to tuesday, March 13-16, 2010. The address of the place and contact number.

    Thank you so much.



  38. hi! i’m interseted to rent a room. my husband & i and 2 kids will be in manila from june 16 to 18. please email me the room rates for 2 nights. thanks!

  39. hi, we’re a couple & planning to rent on october or november within one month, how much is the cost?

    thanks for an early reply.

  40. may i have your rates pls? from august 12 to aug 19 2010 only (1week) good for 2. thank you very much.

  41. hi i as wondering if you got my comment 🙂
    can i have your rates on august 12 to august 19 2010.
    good for 2 in 1 week. thanks very much.

  42. hi

    could you pm the rate for a month stay with ac. Will there be also vacancy for december?

    hope to recieve your email.

  43. Kaye Rico Says:

    how much is the weekly rate? reply asap. [within this month]. good for two.

  44. hi!

    is your place near the national kidney institute? i’m bringing my dad there for a checkup and i’m looking for a place to stay for around a week. we’ll be coming from gensan city.


  45. How much for a three-week stay? We are planning to rent your unit from January 7-28, 2011.

  46. I need a unit for 4 adults and 2 kids on March 7-14, 2011. Please send me the rates.

  47. I need a unit for 4 adults and 2 kids on March 7-14, 2011. Kindly send me the rates.

  48. Hans valencia Says:

    Hi just wanna ask if this room this coming feb 13 and 14?how much is the rate per day?

  49. vhanessa manarang Says:

    hi…..im interested with one of the unit ur offering…but i do have a ?.. first is it available on April 29 up to may 1, 2011? for ill be needing a place to use for wedding preparation such as the Brides make up setting, photo shoot while preparing den a place for the couple after the wedding? how much will be the cost? can u kindly give me an ASAP feedback….it will be much appreciated if u can mail me with in d day.

    tnx nd GOD BLESS

  50. vhanessa manarang Says:

    one ,ore thing is ur place near mindanao ave.? coz the wedding will be held @ casa espanol… thank u again

  51. Rey Marquez Says:

    Very impressive…can i ask po how much is the rate for a 1 month stay? ill be bringing my wife and my 4 years old son. please send it through my email address.



  52. how much powh rate for 1month stay?. inclusive po b lahat ?

  53. Elizzette Mationg Says:

    can i ask for the rates of your room? coz im interested and i want to reserved this coming december.

    thank you


  54. my query is the charge of your room for the one week period.


  55. hi i would like to know the rate of each room types.

    i will be staying from 19th feb to 7th march

    please send more room photos and apartelle amenities.


  56. hi sir just want to ask how much the rate for two weeks?

  57. Hi!

    I will be hosting a friend who will be coming from the province on March 17-19, 2012. Can you please send me a discounted /promo rates?


  58. serafina Says:

    hi ask ko lng kng available this may 25? may half day price ba kayo? thanks 🙂

  59. Hi! Your place looks nice. My boyfriend and I would need a place to stay in manila for 4 days. Please advise on cheapest rate. Thanks!

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