lush in the city

This place is Quezon City’s open secret.

Who would have thought that there is still a sizeable amount of verdant greenery in the Philippines’s most urban place? Inside the heart of Fairview Subdivision is an enchanted place full of matured trees and spritely vegetation. Well on second thought, the trees were most necessary if only to protect Metro Manila’s water source.

But it took an organization called ABS-CBN to foster care and develop the area with picturesque pathwalks and ingenious improvements, city dwellers would be most appreciative. The area has a retro designed swimming pool filled with salt water. No chlorine is needed. There is a fitness section where one can participate in a series of excercises such as rope climbing and sit-ups. An ampitheater is created for open area concerts and gigs. There is supposedly a lagoon where one can merrily row a boat for a hundred pesos for thirty minutes. And there is even an elegantly done, asian inspired function hall directly overlooking the boats floating along the water area. Obviously, the hall could be a nice wedding reception area.

If you have your camera with you, everything you see can be a source of camera clicking inspiration. The thoughtful fountains and benches, the imperious statues of a  water god (could be Poseidon, could be Neptune) and a nymph riding on a giant turtle’s back, the meandering steps – all to produce a wondrous, magical place called La Mesa Dam Eco Park.

6 Responses to “lush in the city”

  1. wow, those pictures remind me of my childhood days in the Philippines. it is like i’ve been there before!!!!

  2. i really appreciate the beautiful spot that you toggled… it really help a lot in my reaction paper to understand clearly and give me an idea how la mesa dam look like…..hope soon that i could go there and enjoy those suggested activities.tnx

  3. thank you heirla. just please acknowledge where the information came from in your report. thanks again.

  4. Hi! I’d like to know the fee if ever we’ll make our venue at ecopark. Appreciate your response. Thanks!

  5. Hi,

    Just want to ask if I can do a civil wedding ceremony and wedding reception at La mesa Eco park?…… and how much was it for 100 person….


  6. i’m looking for a nice venue or reception on my wedding day..kindly send through my email all the quotation including the rates of your venue..thank

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