honky-tonk avenue

Banaue Avenue at Quezon City could be the ultimate haven for the car-loving Pinoys. This is where one can get cheaper alternatives such as surplus from Taiwan or China just in case carparts coming from branded car service centers like Toyota or Honda become prohibitive. If one’s car gets a major hit in an acccident, then readily one can get 2nd hand original replacements from this avenue.

Banaue Road is a long strip transversing Quezon Boulevard. Each stall is a treasure trove of automobile parts and thingimajigs. If that old car just needs to be glammed up a bit, then perhaps car repaint, window tints, spoilers or even just new stereo speakers can make the car a little more rideable.

For the true car afficionado, then the grease and the grime just only add up to the thrill of the place.

6 Responses to “honky-tonk avenue”

  1. just want to ask on how to get to banaue if im coming from mrt north?

  2. hi paulo, if you are from mrt north avenue, i think you can take a jeepney or fx going to quiapo. just ask the driver to drop you off at banaue avenue, quezon city.

  3. nid to look 4 surplus car parts but dunno how to get to banaue. will be coming fron quezon, lucena.

  4. hi jhong. from edsa corner quezon boulevard, get a jeep toward quiapo, and then again ask the driver to drop you off at banaue avenue.

  5. is there a list of phone directory on shops at banaue?

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