hot pools of pansol


The stormy weather these days should not deter one from taking a dip into a pool, most specially if it is in Pansol, Laguna. The hot springs from Mt. Makiling provide the soothing waters which envelop one’s being after wading into the pools.

Because of the warm waters, resorts have been long established in the area to provide relaxation and rejuvenation to many for a minimal fee.  Yet some homes have also catered to tourist trekking to the area who want to have the pool just for themselves at a slightly higher cost. Just drive to the main roads of Calamba, and one gets to see dozens of men with small “karatolas” (signages) which will direct you to these homes.

But one may call Mang Rudy (0919-8636952/0922-6398849) to show around the hottest resort homes of Pansol. They’re “hot” not only because of the heated pools, but because these places are the town’s poshest in terms of architecture, accommodation and amenities.

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  1. Edgar Carlos from U.S. A Says:

    I really enjoyed my two-night stay in Villa Theresa. It was really a private place to spend time, relax and enjoy the company of special people such as family and friends. The rooms of the villa are large enough to accomodate at least 3 to 4 people with air conditions that a lot of balikbayans like me look for. Mga 6 rooms nga ang available for my private party. Talagang tago ang place so I recommend to other balikbayans to call the contact person for directions. The villa has a beautiful spot na overlooking ang Mt. Makiling. It may be pricey a little bit compared to other private pools pero it’s worth because may pool table and videoke pa na you can enjoy.

    • I definitely enjoy swimming at Pansol for its famous hot springs. However, the recent resort we’ve rented called Villa Glori, changed my view. I surfed the net for a resort that would cater 30 persons for our party. I spot their post at sulit and the pictures were just so inviting because of its nature feel environment. Since it was located at the foot of Mt. Makiling as what the post says, I immediately called Mr. Mhel, and made a down payment thru bank. The day came and upon arrival at the resort, I went to the pool to check the water temperature, and was so surprised because it was so cold. I called the attention of the caretaker and complained about it. They said that it rained the whole day that contributed to its coldness. I requested if they can change the water so we can enjoy swimming since that is what we came there for. The owner’s sister said that not all resorts in pansol have hot spring, and one of it is theirs. Wow what an excuse! So how could I possibly know which one when I was just relying on the posted ads. I requested a discount from the price we’ve agreed upon if they cannot do anything about it. They said that they can turn on the heater but the aircon in the rooms has to be switched off because the electricity might fluctuate. Is that my problem! Do we really need to sacrifice sleeping in a fan room in order to grant our request for a lukewarm water which they said there is no guarantee it would change the temprature? Well.. to avoid the arguments, I agreed since that is the only option they can offer, but I demanded a discount. Though they agreed to it, I still felt cheated. I felt sorry for our guests who had to sleep w/o the AC and had to endure swimming in the cold waters of the pool the next day. This would definitely the first and the last time at villa glori. Never consider this resort if you would like to enjoy swimming.

      • too bad…unfortunate. obviously i was able to go there, and it was even the rainy season then. the water was still hot!

        so i am not quite sure what happened with your experience.

        and yes i do remember that our water at the resort was changed because the water was cold then. but still the water intially was not too cold.

  2. the above pictures don’t only come from villa teresa, but other posh pools of pansol. just ask mang rudy about them. please read the article again.


  4. hi ich. please check the numbers in the article. you may ask mang rudy about it. i am not the owner. thanks.

  5. Jen Mendoza Says:

    Can i ask for your rates and amenities???

  6. hi jen, please check the article. the number is posted there. you may want to call mang rudy. i don’t own the places. thanks.

  7. If you could send me asap a quotation from 6PM to 10am, overnight only.

  8. Christine Cequena Says:

    pleas send me thru email the quotations of your resort. target date for company outing is april25 1 day 1 night only. all nurses from makati medical center. around 30 pax.. thank you in advance.

  9. hi cristine, please read the article. there is number there to call. thanks.

  10. hi good day. Kindly email me your pool rates. We’re planning to have a vacation this May. I’ll wait for your response. Thanks.

  11. Please mail me about the pool rates for 24 hours for max 20 persons. thanks

  12. please read above the number of Mang rudy Says:

    the owner is Mang Rudy call him up guys for the details.. look above his number @$34&*(&

  13. Please quote me the price for 12-15 pax for overnight .

  14. wow, the people dont read much. hahaha. great post!
    Im doing a survey of our resorts in laguna. will be putting up a magazine for freelancers and bloggers. to publish them.

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  16. tagalog movies…

    […]hot pools of pansol « let’s go pinas!![…]…

  17. Says:

    Its fantastic as your other articles :D, thanks for putting up.

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