rizal’s calamba


In Leon Ma. Guerrero’s biographical book on Jose Rizal, the author conferred upon him the title of being “the First Filipino,” an honor that bespoke the greatness of Rizal’s intellect, strength of character, and more importantly love for nation.

Thus during a short visit to Rizal Shrine in Calamba, Laguna where the National Hero was born, it is fascinating to see the relic and the antiquities of a bygone era, most specially during the youthful days of Rizal. In the garden area, there is even a “bahay kubo” (native hut) where Rizal and his sisters supposedly had “bahay-bahayan” (playhouse).

In Calamba not only do we get to see the Rizal family manor, and the church where Rizal got baptized, but also the big clay jar, symbolic of the legend of Calamba’s name (“kalan-banga”).

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  1. elow^_^

  2. hello too icee. thanks for coming by.

  3. Very educational and the souvenir shop next to the house is good source material, if you’re researching about rizal. Did you know the house is not the original house but a reconstructed house based on styles of houses during the time period of rizal?

  4. thanks cris for giving us more information on rizal’s place in calamba. please feel free to add some more. thanks again.

  5. i need the addresses of all rizal shrine in the calamba and other nearby cities.

  6. i am sorry cyrus. i don’t have the addresses of the shrines in calamba. probably check google. thanks.

  7. Good day! Can I ask for the contact number and contact person of Rizal’s shrine. We are planning to go there on February 7, 2010. Please reply as soonest possible time. I am a student from Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Sta. Mesa branch. You may contact me on this number : (02)6271602/09212912406/09068846045. Thanks and God Bless!

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