In this quaint town of San Luis, Pampanga lies an 18th century church, beautiful in architecture, but somehow has a quiet nature about it.  Because of the church’s limited and seemingly unadorned front area, it does not demand notice and attention unlike other religious structures. Yet it is undeniable how the church inspires steady faith from the townfolks as this structure is too intimate physically with the neighboring community.

Although the church’s facade may seem to be unimposing despite the antiquity, its interior boasts of a spectacular interior mural atop the main altar, with God seated on the throne. Large capiz windows, antique floor tiles ,and handeliers that poured out from the ceiling make the church’s rich ambiance, With the able assistance of its sacristan mayor, Mr. Rey Cayanan unselfishly gives a glimpse of what is inside the Church of the Jesuit Saint, Aloysius Gonzaga.

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  1. I agree. This church lacks adornment in the front, thus, if you are a tourist, you will almost leave it unnotice. I am sad, bec the facade per se has been a witness to hundreds of memorable stories that are rarely said today of san luis. Perhaps many do not even know that the flowery-like logo embossed at the top of the main door is a Papal Insignia. The belfry is twin and has large blind windows. There are many other small details in this Baroque Church that are really interesting, yet, bec past priests themselves failed to gave importance, were therefore likewise neglected. I even heard some stories that antique stuffs were even stolen by the past priest/s. So sad for San Luis… I hope the local government will act on this to preserve this lone historical piece that is left in San Luis…

  2. thank you polo for your very insightful comments. yes, unlike other churches, the san luis church facade seems to be unnoticeable. i think it needs some rehabilitation to show the grandeur of this historic church and its storied past.

    again thanks for the intelligent views.

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