supposedly little philippines

It used to be that Nayong Pilipino was near the vicinity of the Manila Domestic and International Airports in Pasay City. In that sprawling area, I remember the many depictions of the the more famous spots of the Philippines from Mt. Mayon’s perfect cone shaped figure to the several different indigenous Filipino homes where souvenirs could be bought cheap. It was the perfect area to see the “whole” Philippines to tourist who have neither the time nor the money to travel the nation’s numerous islands.

And I knew of the numerous plans to transfer Nayong Pilipino to different locations elsewhere (still near the airport) due to the expansion of the runways of the Ninoy Aquino International II terminal. In fact, there had been a contest for designers who can conceptualize best a spanking new Nayong PIlipino.

But all of a sudden, there was news that the Nayong Pilipino was transferred a smallish area at the old Clark Airbase in Angeles, Pampanga. I was perturbed with the decision. Surely, Pampanga can boast of another new tourism spot, but I was not sure of the viability of the transfer. It could be too far for those wanting to get a glimpse of what Philippines can offer culturally and in terms of travel spots.

Sad but true, Nayong Pilipino at Clark now has not been well maintained. And the time we were there, there was a handful of visitors thus even shops and eateries had to close.  After just a couple of years in the area, one could see colors of the kiping (rice chips) adorning the houses, depicting the Pahiyas Festival of Lucban, Quezon already faded. And the represented spots were very limited to Barasoain Church, Banaue Native Huts, Intramuros, and Vigan Houses among others. Well good thing for us visitors, the place did not ask for entrance fee. (On second thought, the place should have asked if only for its upkeep)

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  1. unfortunately, the nayong pilipino was not “moved” to clark. some of the old structures are still at the original nayong pilipino by the Centennial Airport beside the abandoned Philippine Village Hotel. Most of the original buildings and sites are now overrun by grass and weeds. The saddest part is when they do close this spot I cannot imagine what will happen to the trees, some of which are more than 40 years old. Will they go down to the bulldozer just as some already have?

  2. is the nayong pilipino at the airport now closed?

    i think the ward, charito planas, wanted a spanking new nayong pilipino hence old structures were not needed for the one in clark. but i am not quite sure if originally the new nayong pilipino was to be transferred to clark. i know it was somewhere else.

    but i know there was a competition for the design of the new nayong pilipino. and i am not still sure if it was truly implemented at clark.

    thanks for the comment bambit.

  3. just checked on some recent news on nayong pilipino.

    will this be the new nayong filipino which charito planas wanted and which shoemart will try to implement?

    or is this a new proposal, spearheaded by shoemart?

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