paradigm redux: finally, a finalist!

The pictures above may look familiar. Apparently I took the pictures for a salon client,  made a short feature on it, and included some of the pictures, in this same blogsite(

But there was more to just having a pictorial with the client, Paradigm Salon. Apparently some of the pictures were submitted to a hairstyling contest sponsored by world reknowned hairproduct brand, Davines (  The main focus was on the hairstyling itself, but as a photographer I had to capture the right angles, correct haircolor and incorporate a certain mood to the pictures for editorial purposes. But obviously, it was still a team effort with the stylists and the management of Paradigm Salon.

Just last week, I found out that one picture I took was chosen as part of the finalists among the thousands of hairshots presented. And on the final night, the group of hairstylists  of Paradigm Salon needs to create the same hair couture for the ultimate judging. And the group hopes we get the plum prize, for some bragging rights.

Just the same even if we don’t reach the top, thank you, Mr. Mhel (Owner) and Tony (Manager) for the opportunity to work with you. Goodluck to Paradigm Salon. Goodluck to us.

2 Responses to “paradigm redux: finally, a finalist!”


  2. hi jo. thanks for your message. i hope the team gets to win the finals.

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