the great classic cotton shirt

There is nothing like wearing the classic cotton shirt. Whether it is v-neck, round neck, or with collar, whether it is tapered or loose, whether it is in pure white or black or the more fanciful colored one – no other shirt gives you that relaxed and ready to go (even possibly, ready to sleep!) comfort wear.

The classic cotton shirt is almost available everywhere, and yet the shirt does not go out of style. It may evolve a little bit, but still the simple cotton tee will never be yesterday’s fashion. Go to the mall to purchase one or go to your brother’s closet to borrow one. If it fits then it works.  And if one needs to get shirts at wholesale prices whether as a business venture or for other needs, then check out the reliable Culex Enterprises (telephone number # 2448366) and look for Raquel.

Whether one is in camisa de chino, in sando, or even in sweatshirt, the cotton fiber gives out that breathable, non-sticky, lightweight feeling. Be chic. Be cool. Be in cotton.

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  2. price list please

  3. hi chris. thanks for the inquiry. please use the number given for parson enterprise.

  4. hi! how much are the shirts? both for retail and wholesale please..:) we’re starting a shirt business and are now looking for suppliers..hope you can help.:) thanks!

  5. hi trix. i am not a shirt supplier. but i am just the author/photographer for the blog feature. so please check the number for parson enterprises as seen in this feature.

    but since there is just a lot of inquiry, i just might start a shirt business perhaps. what do you think? hehe.

  6. hi how much? both for whole sale and retailers?

    thanks =)


  7. hi chet please call the number in the article. thanks.

  8. apparently, Culex has changed its number. Please refer to the article for its new phone number, and look for lea. thanks.

  9. how much?

  10. can you email me prices of t shirts?

  11. hey! can we order shirts?! around 50 shirts ung oorder namen, but the thing is iba ibang size, can you email me shirt quotations?! thanks!

  12. hi bianca. please call the number given on the article. thanks.

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  14. Czarina Cruz Says:

    can you give me pricelist in wholesale price of you products?


  15. pls send me price list on my mail.

  16. How much po tnx

  17. kindly give me the price list including the sizes of polo shirt black.

  18. Please email price list – wholesale & retail. Do you deliver – what is minimum quantity? Order lead time? Thank you.

  19. please send me pricelists.. i appreciate immediate response.. thank you..

  20. Im from laguna area. Can you provide details about the shirts? [price, color]

  21. Tes Gangcuangco Says:

    Hi! Please do send me pricelist, colors, sizes and minimum purchase requirement


  22. chloe montanez Says:

    can you email me the pricelist? 🙂

  23. 09063716292

    thank you.

  24. Magkano po wholeale?? please send me pricelist..

  25. pls send pricelist to my email add

  26. bhabyshee Says:

    pricelist please

  27. send me your pricelists @ dwayt009@yh. im very interested. thanks

  28. how much are the shirts?

  29. picaprint Says:

    pls send us your pricelist… thank you!

  30. hi, i’m from bataan, i’m interested in selling tshrts, could you pls. send me price list of all sizes and colors… thanks

  31. hi

    can you also send in my email the price list of the thanks and hope for your reply asap.

  32. jessica osio Says:

    kindly email me your price list. We are advertsing shoppe here in Mindanao.

    Jessica osio

  33. kathreen Says:

    hi, price lists pls.


  34. Price list please:) For retail and wholesale.

  35. violeta calagan Says:

    kindly email me ur price list. thanks. (i am looking for ladis’ tshirts also…)

  36. may i have the pricelist for your yalex tshirts? white and colored as well. I need the thicker version. Thanks so much. Pls send reply to my email You immediate response will be highly appreciated. thanks…

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  38. may I have a pricelist of all your shirts. thanks much..

  39. hi, how much per pc? if i get >10pcs? and wt colors po are available? thanks

  40. Christian James Mendiola Says:

    Price list pls.. tnx

  41. sharon g. benitez Says:

    Hi, can you send me a price list for the shirts please. Many thanks!

  42. Hi how much are the round neck shirts and what are the sizes? Thank you very much!

  43. abby medina Says:

    price list please..thanks.. 🙂

  44. Alvin Dela Llana Says:

    please send the pricelist.


  45. please send price list

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