and then, there’s room for more (at again half the usual hotel price)! » there is room for more

7 Responses to “there is room for more”

  1. how much is ur rate pag one month lang w/out aircon unit, kc vacation lang. sept7 to 7 oct, 2009..thanks

  2. Hi am enquring bout rental place I’ll be there by Dec 1 to Dec 29 .,according to your rates 1350 pesos, Ho w much do you for a monthly basis as per dates I mention. Please email asap, so I can make decisions as am still looking other options from other rentals.

    I really appreciate if you can reply to my info.

  3. hi pls send me the rates for 1 month we really need a place to stay here pls send me if tere’s a dscout thnk you very much

  4. Rhedz Diaz Says:

    Please let me know how much your daily rate if we are 3 person only?

  5. Hi there just want to ask if how much you will charge me for 1 month stay in your palce, 2 adult 1 child because im going to Manila for 1 month vacation from March 20 to Aril 20 please let me know so that i can prepare and decide for it ..

  6. Doriza Viana Says:

    pls.snt me the rates,only 3wiks stay..,tnx

  7. lilibeth espino Says:

    magkano po rates nyo for staying 1month only.

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