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fashion sizzle

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With the valuable help of hot Davao designer, Ronan Opina of Beadworks, I was able to get in and watch the Design Fusion Collection segment of Philippine Fashion Week – Spring/Summer Forecast for 2009. Obviously this time, the whole collection was less glitzy but more wearable than what was presented about six months ago at the Philippine Fashion Week – Holiday Collection.

I wanted to take better photos, but the models’ runway walk from the other side of the ramp hampered them to come my way (apparently, the middle portion of the ramp had wet paint). Hence the pictures I have was kinda similar, limiting and less exciting – well at least to me. But definitely that does not mean that the collection was similar, limiting and less exciting as well. There was more skin to brag about, and more use of cotton to be creative about, and more funky bag accessories to gadabout.

Participating designers for the Design Fusion Collection were Alodia Cecilia, Anna Leah Salvador, Ciege Cagalawan, Dax Bayani, Dimple Lim, Happy Andrada, Kenneth Chua, Manelle Chamian, Ronan Opina, Ziggy Savella.

(As I was busy taking pictures, I failed to remember as to whose creations the models wore. If you are familiar with any of the clothes in the pictures, please supply the name of the designers who created them. The designers and I appreciate your efforts much. Thanks)

fresh catch

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I have always wondered what happens in the morning along Roxas Boulevard, which is more famous for its spectacular sunset. An obvious guess would be that Manila dwellers use it as jogging path. And good enough, I was able to passby the area one weekday morning. I found out that there is more to Roxas Boulevard than just morning calisthenics and fantastic breeze.

post it (before it’s gone)

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Since the advent of email and the internet, it has been very seldom that i send personal letters or even receive them through post office mail. If at all, what I get are all sorts of business mail – from credit card companies or solicitations from other business corporations. I have often wondered if our postmen relish the idea of lugging along less bulk or they may have secret fears of them going into obsolesence.

But I just hope the Philippine Post Office Building at Liwasang Bonifacio remains for all generations to come. It is a wonderful piece of architecture that was done in 1926. With the stately columns greeting you, it is a marvel of neo classical design of Juan Arellano who also created other familiar edifices such as the Supreme Court Building and the old Congress (now the National Museum).

With the fast changing mode of communication technology, mail posts could be outdated really soon. But  let this iconic building be unchanged forever. ( Well, except for the tacky postman statue.)

coco wonders

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Somehow with the onrush of new therapeutic pills and herbs, many have grown skeptical about them. Either they have not made a difference in giving remedies or may just have created a placebo effect.

But among the newest hyped medicinal claims, the set of results from the virgin coconut oil, is most believable. I know there have been some debates on whether VCO is truly healthy because of its oils. But because many Filipino doctors have subscribed to its nutritious elements even without regard to the brands for as long the vco is prepared very well, virgin coconut oil’s acclaim may be more than just hype.

Even if the “mapakla” taste may be offputting, there is just an array of health problems which the vco can do good. From holistic health issues like weight problems to  specific antimicrobial effects like on candida yeast, from supposedly deadly diseases like HIV/AIDS to common cosmetic concerns like acne. Truly, virgin coconut oil is (almost) a panacea – veritably, a cure all.

And a new company prepares virgin coconut oil the right away. You may want to call up Aimee for distribution of Coco Cabana’s Virgin Coconut Oil and other products at 09228965556.

through the narrow streets of past and now

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Since there was a little project to make which was taking pictures of architectural artifacts through Manila’s old streets, naturally the inclination was to go to historic Intramuros.  But then I had some trepidations. I have heard countless stories of local amateur photographer enthusiasts being asked to stop taking pictures of what is inside the Walled City. For what reason, I do not know. But I was told that certainly foreign guests and tourists can go click crazy with their cameras within the area.

But since my assistant and I were just nearby after taking the  picture of the iconic clock tower of the Manila City Hall, I decided to try and be the discreet photojournalist inside the venerable Intramuros. Just at the arch of Intramuros, one could have 25 peso meals at the makeshift stalls. Since it was about 12 noon, the students of Lyceum and Mapua, together with some laborers, partook the lunch prepared by the vendors. Many able bodied men huddle outside office buildings that export them as commercial boatfarers. Apparently the area is a hub for potential seamen waiting for their job papers so that they can explore the seas.   And then, all sorts of vehicles somehow litter the streets, making this special place quite frenzied.

But still, it is undeniable that the remnants of 400 years of Spanish Colonization  in this area can make one imagine how the place had been quite romantic and yet still tragic at the same time during those years. The narrow cobblestoned streets. The moss covered walls. The intricate grillwork of the lampposts and windows. The “bahay na bato” mansions. The centuries old basilicas and churches. The dungeons.

It is very apparent that through the help of the Department of Tourism and the Intramuros Administration, the place has maintained a semblance of the bygone era. Even newly built structures and buildings need to blend in with existing and preserved edifices. And in a recent television interview, the Administator is pushing for a museum that can be a tribute to the cultural relics and antiquities that only Intramuros is absolutely rich of.  Afterall, this is not only about acknowledging history, this is also about preserving patrimony.

By the way, who says that local photo afficionados like me are shunned in this place? Well, not me, thankfully.