coco wonders

Somehow with the onrush of new therapeutic pills and herbs, many have grown skeptical about them. Either they have not made a difference in giving remedies or may just have created a placebo effect.

But among the newest hyped medicinal claims, the set of results from the virgin coconut oil, is most believable. I know there have been some debates on whether VCO is truly healthy because of its oils. But because many Filipino doctors have subscribed to its nutritious elements even without regard to the brands for as long the vco is prepared very well, virgin coconut oil’s acclaim may be more than just hype.

Even if the “mapakla” taste may be offputting, there is just an array of health problems which the vco can do good. From holistic health issues like weight problems to  specific antimicrobial effects like on candida yeast, from supposedly deadly diseases like HIV/AIDS to common cosmetic concerns like acne. Truly, virgin coconut oil is (almost) a panacea – veritably, a cure all.

And a new company prepares virgin coconut oil the right away. You may want to call up Aimee for distribution of Coco Cabana’s Virgin Coconut Oil and other products at 09228965556.

7 Responses to “coco wonders”

  1. Hello! Nice post! I can sense your passion for coconut oil, something I can relate to, all the way from here. I just want to insert my little two cents.

    As great and awesome as it is, coconut oil is not a panacea. It just seems like it. 😉 Unless I missed something big when I lived in a cave for some time (just kidding), I think no substance is a panacea. If there already is, I would love to be educated about it.

    Your enthusiasm for coconut oil will definitely go a long way in helping many people improve their health and economic condition. Keep it up! Let’s get it done!

    Your Drugstore in a Bottle

  2. hi coconut oil guy. i know no substance is a panacea. (i truly wish there was) if at all, it was just a hyperbole if only to point out to many readers that coconut oil has many uses – from the most common ailment to the dreaded specific disorders. and more than that, i am so proud that such fruit/nut abounds in our islands in the philippines. thanks for the comment.

  3. do you vco for massage…how much per content…tnx

  4. hi totee. please check the number in the article. aimee will assist you. thanks.

  5. Hi totee,

    Thank’s for your interest. Yes, we do have massage oils. It is P120 per 120ml bottle. You can choose among the following: chamomile, rose, lavender, peppemint, eucalyptus, lemon, women’s massage for painful periods. But if you ask me, my personal favorite is lavender, especially before going to bed, wow! sarap!

    By the way, are you the one who owns a spa in Bulacan?

  6. hi aimee, you are here na. just came from camsur. i hope to see you often here. drop by lang. in fact you may want to give us an update to many of your products. it would be nice if the readers know it. thanks.

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