post it (before it’s gone)

Since the advent of email and the internet, it has been very seldom that i send personal letters or even receive them through post office mail. If at all, what I get are all sorts of business mail – from credit card companies or solicitations from other business corporations. I have often wondered if our postmen relish the idea of lugging along less bulk or they may have secret fears of them going into obsolesence.

But I just hope the Philippine Post Office Building at Liwasang Bonifacio remains for all generations to come. It is a wonderful piece of architecture that was done in 1926. With the stately columns greeting you, it is a marvel of neo classical design of Juan Arellano who also created other familiar edifices such as the Supreme Court Building and the old Congress (now the National Museum).

With the fast changing mode of communication technology, mail posts could be outdated really soon. But  let this iconic building be unchanged forever. ( Well, except for the tacky postman statue.)

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