the plaza of the oracles

the "manghuhula" and the tarot cards

Tis the season of fortunetellers and geomancers. From a few days just before the Western New Year  until the Chinese New Year which is  in late January or early February, such people are most sought after to find out what lies ahead for the rest of the year and maybe, even beyond.

At Quiapo”s Plaza Miranda, numerous “manghuhulas” converge to read cards and palms for those who are desperate to determine what lies ahead.  They huddle together in their makeshift consulting spaces consisting of a table and tiny chairs for themselves and their patrons. The clients listen intently as the seers whisper to them on what fortune can befall them.

In this area, Filipinos have sought counsel from the oracles on issues encompassing all facets of life -mundane or not. Middle aged ladies troop to the place to confirm about the suspected philandering husbands. Even businesspeople seek opinion from fortunetellers on what enterprising endeavor is most profitable for them. And of course, the out of luck and out of job would ask if they could be more fortunate outside the Philippines. Or some rich lady would just like to know who the culprit is that stashed away her set of  jewelry.

In such sessions, there are times that the socalled psychics are on point dishing out specific moments of your past experiences, but largely the readings are too general to make a real  impression. Therapeutic in a way, whether you get to have a perceptive clairvoyant or not,  just enjoy the ride, and take in the more positive comments to create a better you and a better future ahead of you.

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