buried in secret

the charming chapel of paco park

It could be a romantic place. In fact it has been a venue for weddings. And I have been into one. Afterall, there is this old chapel, just big enough to accommodate the groom’s and the bride’s families. There is manicured lawn, and if it is not syrupy enough, one can even have a fountain gushing for the matrimony. Seriously, it is a beautiful and elegant place, this Paco Park.

But if you look closely at the place, actually it is a cemetery, full of catacombs and niches. Paco Park in Manila during the Spanish era was a burial place for well heeled aristocrats. It is interesting to see the names and dates of those interred at this place. You just wonder what life had been during those times, eons ago.

There are several pocket sections inside this intimate park. In fact there is a corner for the unborn children. Then as I walk around, there was a marker which  information I was blown away. Apparently, where the marker was, that was the exact place where Jose Rizal, our National Hero was buried, unbeknownst to the Spanish authorities after his execution in Bagumbayan, the nearby Luneta Park. Somehow for a history buff like me, it was my first time to know such curious fact.

Then I get to imagine what could have happened right after Rizal’s death. The family just trying to haul the lifeless body of the hero, and giving him a decent burial at least. But then everything has to be hushed-hushed lest the authorities find out, and worsen the situation even more for Rizal’s family. Thus in the interim, secrets had to be made, right after Rizal’s demise. 

Sometimes secrets like rizal’s entombment and like the  mysteries of the disappearing articles in this blog, just have to be made – or things may go awry. In time, everything will be unfolded.

3 Responses to “buried in secret”

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  2. your blog is a great addition to the ever growing community of internet writers trying to promote our heritage, like this beautiful place which is now a park.

    It has been cited often that Paco cemetery is an exclusive burial place, reserved for the Spaniards and the moneyed Filipinos, this is not TRUE, as can be seen in the records of the old cemetery, it has serve all classes of Filipinos, from unborn infants to a Governor General, and yes – this place who many say was only to be rented by the elite has been the burial cite of the Spaniards hated enemies, Rizal & the Gomburza, they were interred here to keep them away from the public and their families, but we have to consider that they would’ve disposed these men, tagged as ‘traitors’ in places where it would’ve been impossible to trace, but that they were sent there only goes to show that Paco Cemetery was really not that exclusive 🙂

  3. thanks for your informative comments arnold.

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