the vanguard island: sta. fe beach

kid floats on his back at sta. fe beach

You gaze at an island with its white shores, abundant coconut fronds, and native dwelling structures, increasingly coming into view. Your heartbeat raises a bit as the ferry slows down to a halt at the pier of Sta. Fe. You anticipate how this place can rock you out with its facilities and yet relax your fragile body and soul, without much of the clutter of commercialism in other popular island destinations. Afterall, this is Bantayan Island, Cebu Province’s Northern most tip, far away from the hustle-bustle of its metropolis.

 Bantayan Island can be reached from Cebu City, with a two hour bus ride from the North Bus Terminal, although it can be accessed as well with airconditioned vans for hire, at SM Cebu. Then once you arrive at Barangay Hagnaya Port at the town of San Remigio, another one hour ferry boat is to be taken to the beaches of Sta. Fe which is among the three towns at Bantayan Island. Madridejos and Bantayan Proper are the other towns which offer inviting aspects for you to explore and encounter.

Mingle with its waters and people. There are just no two ways about it – because of the proximity of the waters and Sta. Fe town community, as you admire the fine powdery white sands of the shoreline, and the expanse of the turquoise colored waters, you also unobtrusively observe the simplicity of the people living in the area. In the morning, kids prepare for their flag ceremony, and by lunch time, they just hang out, at the sandy beachfront, not exactly cognizant of their fortunate existence in Bantayan. Some teens and adults will happily oblige you to some short conversation about life in the island.

The beachfront during the weekdays is almost deserted, save for some locals and travellers, taking a sampling of its calm sea. There are lots of dwellings to choose from. The more uppity Sta. Fe Beach Club, and Ugtong Cave Resort, pamper you as any five star hotel will do. But Ugtong Resort has a bonus, you can swim in the shallow pool inside the natural cave as its name implies. But if you are in a budget, there are good cottages at P350 per night. During the summer months, particularly during Holy Week, room rates can triple. But during lean months of June, July and August, price points take a dip. And you wish that Sta. Fe and the rest of the island will forever remain inconspicuous to marauding guests so as not disturb its tranquility and unassuming character.

For food, there are several open-air restaurants, usually in native hut motif which tempts you to savor its seafood delicacies owing to Bantayan’s rich amount of crustaceans, seashells and large fish. Have them your way – grilled, fried, adobo and kinilaw (raw food, usually fish, soaked in vinegar). You may even want to partake its famous rock lobster for about P160 pesos a piece. Mingle with the owners, some from foreign lands and are lucky enough to have beautiful native ladies for their wives.  Then develop deep friendships with travelers alike while having such meals. Afterall, the island can be intimate enough – balmy nights, secluded place, and in many instances, very few guests.

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  1. Superb! Generally I never read whole articles though the way you wrote this information is simply amazing and also this kept my affinity for reading and that i enjoyed it. You have got great ability as a copywriter.

  2. nice article ..looking forward for my trip to Bantayan soon.

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