through a foggy road to gethsemane » garden entrance

3 Responses to “garden entrance”

  1. elena pelaez Says:

    good day, can i ask quotation of food and room rate, check in and check out time, do u offer packages for those people who want to stay overnight. other amenities of the resort?
    wait for your reply to my email,

    thank you,

  2. Toto Levi and Nening Helen Says:

    We accidentally stumbled upon your article while surfing over the facebook. Very delighted of what we saw, after reading the eloquently described features and pictures of Gethsemane. We were so excited to see the place in person.
    Nene Ezra and Betsy, these are your cousins here in El Paso, Texas. We have plans to go home there in mid-December till mid-January. We definitely are considering putting the visit to Gethsemane in our road trip agenda, to include a visit to some acquaintances in Gen. Santos, Cotabato. We have plans to visit your dental clinic also to have some dental work done – to keep you guys busy, on top of the tour. See ‘ya!!!

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