(lg2a) a world upside down

You think everything seems to be running smoothly. You feel that everything seems to be right with your life, just swimming along contently, comfortably in a world that offers much for your existence. Then a letter comes.

The letter asks you to radically alter your life; in fact the letter pushes you to move out of your shell and explore another world – America.

Hastily, you set on a journey to find out what USA is all about.  Then you get to realize that this part of the world is not “Sex in the City” sexy nor “Beverly Hills 90210” bitchy. Much of USA is all about strong work ethic and generosity of spirit – whether it is in the farmlands, industrial towns or the suburbs. There is apparent indication about the dire economic situation in almost every other town or city that I have been to, but it is the Americans’ friendliness and openess that warm the heart of this immigrant.

In the few days I have been here, this newbie has been welcomed and embraced by the relatives and friends who have worked long for years in their adoptive land either as medical professionals or bluecollar workers. I am still weighing the many options regarding my supposed stay here in this country. I am not quite sure how things will work out here in America, but I am assured by their love and concern about my unsureness, my unsteadiness. And I am overwhelmed and humbled with such gestures.

As my world has turned upside down, and some of my initial thoughts on America have completely been disregarded and erased, still the Philippines that I have cared much through this site has never been more pronounced and more vivid than ever.

In this regard, there will be postings on places and my musings on America that will intersperse intermittently with articles solely on the Philippines and Filipinos in this blog. Such thoughts on America will hopefully be relatable to what Philippines and Filipinos is all about, and should even enhance more my love for anything Filipino.  Such articles and postings will be categorized as “Letsgopinas Goes to America (LG2A).”

As early as now, let me also say that I miss my life, friends and family in the Philippines (I miss my work and bidet too). And I thank everyone who has been supportive and cared about me in my nativeland. From the land of supposed plenty – let me say to them “Ingat lagi at salamat.” 

7 Responses to “(lg2a) a world upside down”

  1. no new posts? Still on holiday leave? Looking forward to new pictures and articles from that part of the globe. Take care.

  2. hey ate mae, greetings from michigan, usa. i will be showing some more pictures and writing more articles. just let me breathe as i have been quite busy for the past few days. at the moment, philippines is still my home!

  3. hello sir mike!!! nice pix!!!….wish i can go there and see those wonders of america …. hehheheh enjoy your vacation…more pictures pls…..next stop your vegas trip will see your shots….and the lights of vegas!!! have fun and relax!!takecare…..

  4. This is what you call “first world immersion” pre. Let’s see how it can change your perspective on the land of the plenty (now in a recession environment). It has become a world upside down (sometimes literally speaking).

    • hi artie boy – nice use of words – “first world immersion.” just trying to hang on here in the land of plenty one day at a time. at times taggutom rin ako dito. hehe.

  5. hi zanie – tol. how’s everything there in the philippines. apparently i missed out on your message here in this article. las vegas as expected was wonderful – mesmerizing light displays.

    pero still missing philippines.

  6. Pre, pix mo pala sa Vegas….gusto ko makita kung ano mga significant sites for you kahit sa mga tao sa kalye lalo na mga nagpapalakpak ng cards hehehe.

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