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I am a semi professional photographer who is deep into the arena of lifestyle photography. And i would service small entrepreneurs who are starting out or would like to use photography in marketing their products or services.

I lean more towards lifestyle photography, particularly:
fashion photography
food photography
commercial photography                                                                                               travel photography
interior design photography.

I take photos either in my studio at Quezon City. Or better yet, I take pictures at the comfort of your home, office, or business area as I take my lights and photo equipment with me.

More than taking photos, i have an eye in art direction thus i know what to incorporate in a photograph to make it work, without necessarily using costly props and materials.

Please call me and talk to me without fearing the big budget of commercial photography.
0917-8339894 or 4180776 and look for Mike

And for every Photography Session, you are entitled to purchase an Urbanities Lifestyle Laptop Bag with a P500 discount. Please check


  1. hi! would like to inquire how much will it cost me to have clothing line photographed? this is just a small business and i woul like to have my designs posted on the net. thanks.

  2. i will email you nicole. what is your email address.

  3. how much?,. just like nicole i’m opening an online shop,. :),. i’m interested,.

  4. I@m interested in photos of lechon. how much it cost?

  5. marjorie Says:

    i would like inquire about your packages for food photography? if you have more food i.e. pastries in your portfolio i would love to see them as well.

    please email me at

    thank you.

  6. Hi,

    I would be interested in a photoshoot for my clothing line. Just started up, would be interested how much it cost.

    We could start by email mayby.




  7. hello, just want to inquire how much will it cost for covering a photo shoot with my family? at our home in manila

    kindly e-mail me at

    thank you.


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