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bianca gonzales

(From IQ Magazine, September,2009 Issue, )

 She dashed softly into the set alone.  She would drive by her own, and would need no personal assistants. And she was very well on time for the 1pm photoshoot and interview appointment.

She is Bianca Gonzales, the young, vibrant and well-admired tv personality who has made a name for herself through hosting a series of shows that are geared to the young and the young minded. At the moment, she is seen in “Y-Speak” and “E-live,” a showbiz oriented program every Saturday afternoon.

She was also very much a part of early morning programs like  “Breakfast” in Studio 23, and “Magandang Umaga Bayan” in ABS-CBN 2. In the Cinema One Cable Channel, she was part of “Review Night” where she provided movie reviews on Filipino Films.

With the Youth  In “Y-Speak” Bianca generally talks about issues and concerns of the Filipino youth and the young adults today. She has been moderating the town meeting debate format within the show. And she knew early on, she would be doing fine in a show that delves primarily about matters on politics and society since she was the one who is not bored, reading the newspaper to be aware of what is happening.

 It was in college when she started her blogsite.  The blog has given her that avenue to speak her mind through the writings and the pictures taken by her trusty Canon 400D digital camera.

 Bianca used the blog as a barometer of her early success as a host at “Y Speak.”

“I started out my blog while I was in college. And it had 5 comments or 10 comments. But when I started doing “Y-Speak,” nagiging 30 comments. Dumadami. Parang even if it was not even connected with my post, they would comment that they watched a (certain) episode. And random people come up to me and would ask me on my opinion on certain matters. I felt that was the point na ‘Hey, puwede ako dito.’ That meant a lot.”

 Bianca acknowledged that during her college years, she had been very much into her studies. She took up AB Communication Arts, with a minor in Philosophy at Ateneo de Manila.

 She was not the one who got intimidated with such esoteric courses that she had even chosen the “tougher” instructors. She remembered that she was in awe by Dr. Leo Garcia’s Philosophy 101 subject that by the time she graduated she had taken 6 Philo classes under him.

 If Bianca was quite intense with her college education, in her highschool years at La Salle, Zobel, she had enjoyed her stay much more. While she was in the honors section all through out her stay, she was still able to participate in “cool” activities such as being part of the cheerleading squad. And her joining gave her chance to mingle with other batches despite her being shy and reserved.

She intimated that truly she was quiet and even kinda geeky in highschool. But she was a cheerleader then, and that gained her some popularity points. Still she downplayed the importance of being “popular” particularly during highschool life.

 “I happen to fall in that prototype (of being a nerd). I also remember looking up to the girls na medyo ‘mean girls’  and influential. And you realize na when you get older, how trivial all these things were in highschool. Na ‘Oh my God,’ I want to fit in. That they have to like me. But when you get older, you realize ang liit pala ng bagay na yon. And it is so superficial. Popularity helps but it has to be handled the right way. Popularity is a big responsibility as well.”

 Prod Work And while she was in school, Bianca dabbled much in writing and the different aspects of media work. In La Salle, she wrote scripts, and directed stage plays. In Ateneo, she was part of the yearbook project, and would produce films as part of her college course. She felt strongly that could do production work, particularly behind the cameras after college.

 Consequently, it was no surprise that even by third year college, Bianca applied and was able to work in ABS-CBN. She was one of the brainstormers whose task was to conceptualize new shows and formats for television.

However it had been her brother, JC Gonzales’s stint as host for the morning show “Breakfast,” that actually inspired Bianca to aspire for the same job.  She thought that if Kuya JC could host a morning show, she could hack the same job as well. So she grabbed instantly the opportunity to be on television screen once an offer had been given to her by ABS-CBN.

In 2003, and in her first television emceeing job in “Y-Speak,” together with Karen Davila and Ryan Agoncillo, Bianca needed to be quick in her thoughts.  She recalled that there was a need for her to synthesize ideas brought about by the guests and audience. Then she would give a short summary at the end of the show. And up to this day, she is very grateful to her cohosts for supporting a newbie like her.

 “Kasi there was a wrap up in every episode. And I was so terrified. Of course, people would listen to what Karen Davila and Ryan Agoncillo would say, but who would like to listen to what this college girl would say?”

 Among the prominent tv personalities, it is her talent manager, Boy Abunda whom she considered as one of the best in tv hosting. For her, Boy would be able to talk on a certain topic for several hours and still be stimulating. She remembered a piece of advice from Boy Abunda on hosting.

 “To be interesting, you have to be interested.”

For Bianca, Boy’s piece of advice meant that a host has to be truly fascinated in a variety of things. A host is not to be unaware about a certain topic that he primarily should know about while hosting. In other words, research and reading are key elements of a good anchoring job.

At the moment, she is also enjoying her presence on tv as a host in less serious tv fare, particularly in “E-Live.” Here, she is part of a triumvirate of ladies, already having had the taste of early success in anchoring reality programs such as Pinoy Big Brother  Editions.  Bianca acknowledged that she and her cohosts, Mariel Rodriguez and Toni Gonzaga, have different approaches in their jobs. Toni does her hosting chops with authority. Mariel provides comical bursts and energy.  Bianca dishes out the analytical and serious stuff.

 At Home  Yet even before Bianca was among the hosts of several editions of Pinoy Big Brother, interestingly, she had been one of the 14 housemates of the 1st Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition (PBBCE) in 2006.

In this show, she had to do backbreaking and sometimes insightful tasks for Big Brother, or “Kuya” with 24/7 cameras all over the house to the relish of every reality television aficionado.

 And since then, Bianca’s name became too popular that people were clamoring for her to act in a film or a teleserye.  But until now, she nixes the idea. She has never aspired to be an actress. And if she is not passionate about it, then she just can’t force herself to be one.

At her own place, she appreciates the downtime. She just lazes around while watching CSI on Fox Crime Channel, or travel documentaries on Discovery Travel and Living Channel for hours.

Every morning, her Mom wakes her up, and she goes right away for a cup of coffee. Then she checks on her emails and blogsite. She does not go to the gym, but instead runs in a treadmill in her home. And by noon, she is off to ABS-CBN.

 She admitted that she would rather stay at home than go out, if she has time to relax. If she does go out, she would go to her favorite nearby mall – Alabang Town Center to walk around or to be at her friends’ houses for quiet dinners.

At her very core, Bianca is the self effacing young woman who wants to enjoy peace and tranquil times. There is almost a calming effect once you get to chat with her. She is never forceful nor loud. But in every chance she talks, there is so much in her being that expresses volumes.