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not to be sidelined

Posted in artifacts, food with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on May 14, 2008 by mijodo

I am quite certain that the concept of having a “sideline” where a person earns a living by having a business aside from having a day job, is universal. Furthermore I know that having a sideline has been a prevalent coping strategy among  Filipinos to alleviate the economic pinch afflicting many parts of the world, including even Western countries.  Now more than ever, when crude oil has reached unprecedented values in the international market, and when the scarcity of rice grains has increased its price at its highest, the Filipino families try to find ways in doing something financially significant as not to be overwhelmed with the new economic demands. 

The resiliency of the Filipino will shine through again as each responsible family person will seek new methods of putting food on the table. Dad will be a freelance insurance agent while he double works in his day job. Teacher Mom will sell tocino, longganisa, and tapa to coworkers and students. Surely, the children should do their share as well – offerring cellphone credit loads to classmates and friends to finance their own cellphone habits.

In my case, among other sidelines, I sell biscuits, cookies and chocolates wholesale. The return is not much but it can signficantly help in my day to day financial needs. And of course in doing so, those who get such in bulk are blessed as well as they distribute the goods to others. It is a neat sideline for many of us.

At the moment, only the wise and the hardworking have better chances of surviving.