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The handsome architecture of new hotel buildings won’t be enough.  The exemplary performances showcasing magic and circus combined (Cirque de Soleil), broadway musicals (such as this time, Phantom of the Opera and Jersey Boys), and starstudded concerts (Celine Dionne) may just not satisfy.  Travellers, from all over, even from the Philippines, come to the Las Vegas Strip probably for one reason – gamble  till their pockets run dry!
People somehow can’t be blamed for getting weak in the knees and  possibly wasting much moolah. The casinos just know how to create a sensorial experience to entice people to risk their hard earned money, and hope for some more cash at the end – if not, take the jackpot!
The plush casino dens’ interiors. The slot machine monitors’ blinding lights and striking indoor colors (usually red). The fanciful computer sounds and animation. The heady mixed odor of cigarette smoke and casinos’ own Glade-like scent.  It is quite a rush to win some, and win some more as the people press intensely the slot machine buttons, and see which patterns create more cash for them.
Aside from the rows of slot machines, there are quite a few tables for those wanting to beat the odds on card games like, poker and blackjack. Roulettes, dice, and large monitors that simulate horseracing  just enhance the playing experience.
Bellagio, Harrah’s, Mandalay, and the venerable Caesar’s Palace  in Las Vegas provide high-rollers (those who spend much) hotel rooms for free to lure them to play some more. To the just-initiated, some coolers or Margarita could do the trick for them to wage again. Who knows, this newbie could turn out to be a gambling afficionado.
To many, gambling in Las Vegas (or even in Manila where one casino is right across the newest airport) may just be another fun getaway. But to others, gambling can be a cruel experience as one may lose everything, including his shirt, not only for a day, but probably for a lifetime. As such, there are responsible casinos that offer psychological help to those who have the addiction to gambling.
Actually, the compulsion to gamble can be explained through the theory of stimulus-response conditioning.  If certain stimulus or set of stimuli (gambling apparatus – slot machines, card tables, etc) do not produce a reward (cash winnings) given a response (gambling behavior), then gambling will decrease or will be extinguished. However, if the stimuli give out  rewards at different intervals such as the gambler wins at times or loses at different times then the behavior of gambling increases, and may be difficult to extinguish.
Obviously, this stimulus-response model translates to all forms of gambling, including the most prevalent ones in the Philippines, including sabong (cockfighting), majhong, bingo, lotto, and even of course, jueteng (illegal numbers game).
Here’s hoping that through this behaviorism constructs, we get to be more aware of how gambling can induce a malady of addiction. Have some fun, playing at that slot machine, but don’t let that machine work on you – stripped dry.