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made in china

Posted in lifestyle, people with tags , , , , , , on September 23, 2008 by mijodo

Well a friendship, that is.

Sometimes in life, once a personal connection is made, there are requests that are easier to fulfill for a friend. And this has happened between the guy model and the maker of the cotton shirts from Parson Enterprises (  They have been good buddies since they came from the same school in China years ago.

Simon Vincent Kodnar, college student who is half Chinese and half Austrian gamely posed before the camera. And he made sure that his presence was felt during the recent shoot. Not bad for a first timer.  I am quite sure that his friend/host is pleased as well.  With that, the friendship which started in Shanghai has crossed seas and has been made stronger at some remote islands of Palawan.

the great classic cotton shirt

Posted in artifacts, fashion, lifestyle with tags , , , on September 9, 2008 by mijodo

There is nothing like wearing the classic cotton shirt. Whether it is v-neck, round neck, or with collar, whether it is tapered or loose, whether it is in pure white or black or the more fanciful colored one – no other shirt gives you that relaxed and ready to go (even possibly, ready to sleep!) comfort wear.

The classic cotton shirt is almost available everywhere, and yet the shirt does not go out of style. It may evolve a little bit, but still the simple cotton tee will never be yesterday’s fashion. Go to the mall to purchase one or go to your brother’s closet to borrow one. If it fits then it works.  And if one needs to get shirts at wholesale prices whether as a business venture or for other needs, then check out the reliable Culex Enterprises (telephone number # 2448366) and look for Raquel.

Whether one is in camisa de chino, in sando, or even in sweatshirt, the cotton fiber gives out that breathable, non-sticky, lightweight feeling. Be chic. Be cool. Be in cotton.