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As today is Mother’s Day (Happy Mother’s day, Mom) and as this month is all about the traditional Flores de Mayo (Flowers of May), I am reprising the article I made for Mabuhay Magazine (February 2008 Issue), the Inflight Magazine of Philippine Air LInes. The article is all about flowers and the place called, Dangwa.

In the almost decaying and decrepit part of Manila’s Sampaloc area where
University of Santo Tomas, Asia’s oldest academic bastion is also located,
there lies a place that delights the sense of sight and maybe even the
smell.  Just beside the Dangwa Bus Terminal at Dimasalang St. and

Dos Castillas St., rows and rows of virtual feast of flowers implore you to take
a break and embrace the experience.The Dangwa Flower Market is Manila’s enchanted garden. This is where variety of floral produce is unloaded from Baguio (as transported by Dangwa Bus to its nearby terminal).  A small stall would have densely packed bundle of vanilla colored baby’s
breath (P50 per kilo). Malaysian mums (P70 per dozen) in strikingly deep hues are tightly fastened and placed lazingly in plastic pails. Fresh Dendrobium Orchids (P350 per dozen) in purple and violet are delicately displayed in plastic wrap. Green foliage litter the
red brick floor of the newly fixed up market that evokes the setting of old Manila.

Naturally,  this flower market has roses of all sizes and shades.  Need to
seduce a paramour – how about big bulbs of American roses (P150 per piece)

in velvet red, presented as a bouquet draped in Japanese paper. Want to uplift grandma’s
spirit – let the shopowner come up with floral arrangement teeming of
sunkissed orange and yellow rose blooms (P350 for two dozens).  Now how about having that one stem of dyed blue rose (P50 for the dying process) for the ultimate crush.Thankfully, Manila has  these lovely yet affordable flowers for the taking. Very likely, prominent flower shops of the Metro would order their merchandise from their suking vendors. It is not a wonder if this sliver of an area heaves with people even if it is not Valentine’s Day.