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faces of the gentle

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In a four hectare land area in Davao City, at the vicinity near the Pan-Philippine Hiway and just some distance away from, the Gaisano Mall, the city government boasts its relatively new, Davao City People’s Park, a worthy must-see for first-time travellers.

Using the old PTA grounds, Davao City’s Mayor Duterte spearheaded the newest urban attraction that impresses its people with thoughtfully designed landscaping which employs the Philippine bamboo and rainforest trees, from different parts of the world, particularly from Africa and Asia.

Perhaps all throughout the day, the park becomes a haven for joggers and health buff. The old oval track, which used to be all muddy during the rains, is now restored, utilizing bricks and mortar as pavement. Runners should appreciate the greens and foliage surrounding the area, and be pleased with flocks of pigeons, fluttering above.

People will not miss the vignettes of statuettes of cute children, in traditional costumes scattered strategically in the park as part of the garden plan.  These are sculptural representations of Lumad children doing different life activities, such as fishing for meal, harvesting and farming, and balancing on stilts as part of their traditional games.

 The Lumads are the indigenous people of Southern Philippines, and have been descendants of the original inhabitants of the areas in Mindanao. The Lumads such as the T’boli, the Mandaya and other cultural groupings dot the vast Mindanao island, and have contributed to the rich and diverse cultural identity of the Philippines.

Kublai Millan, young Davao based sculptor, ably provided the sculptures of the young native kids having cherubic faces, including their buggy eyes.  Definitely, heart warming and adorable, such depictions illustrate the gentle and tender nature of our ethnic brethren.