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pigging out

Posted in artifacts, events, food, locales with tags , , , , , on May 22, 2008 by mijodo


Yes, of course. It is about time. After having always been the centerpiece of every Filipino fiesta’s gluttonous celebration, the famous Lechon should be honored with its own festival, replete with a parade and bugle band. And there ain’t no other place that can give higher courtesy to such delicacy but in La Loma (Quezon City) where every corner restaurant dishes out whole roasted suckling pig skewered usually on bamboo.

Last May 18, many of the famous brands that sell Lechon offered free servings to guests and neighbors. Politicians and even the Military partook as well, munching on the crispy golden brown skin covering that only the Lechon can offer. Such merriment of food intake is said to bode well of good life. But for those having bad cholestorol days, I say “good luck.”