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the making of a town fiesta queen

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queen ginger of dumangas

One of the highlights of a fiesta whether it is on a provincial, city, municipal or barangay level, is the coronation of a designated queen, usually on the eve of feast day itself.  Many times the queen or relatives of the queen reside on the place where she is anointed as one.

There is much pomp and glory in presenting the muse for that particular occasion. The queen is expected to wear the refinery and elegance that only the best designers and dressmakers can offer. She parades her outfit, and displays her grace throughout the plaza or auditorium to the cheering onlookers, and the admiring audience. This is the queen’s night when profuse words of praise from an orator or a local politican are uttered about her.  And the queen will have no say but to blush and smile in shyness and embarrassment.

There will be musicmakers, usually hired orchestra players to regale and entertain the guests, but most specially the lady of the night. There will be special performers, again usually from the realm of showbusiness that will be invited to sing or dance to make the night more memorable, particularly for the attending masses. And at the exact time when the crown is placed on her head by the past year’s queen, firecrakers and fireworks display will create that radiance of glamour and excitement which the new young queen will never forget throughout her life.

There is quite a high demand for the privilege of being a queen of a certain place’s fiesta despite the expenses significantly paid by the family and the sponsors.  Afterall, there can only be one for each year. And if a certain lady just could not get the premier status, she might just settle to be one of the many princesses or dames. Thus many of the relatives will need to reserve for the “queenship” of a certain year, perhaps even 10 years or more after the time of request. Hence, somehow there is an elite circle of ladies, lucky enough to be queens for a given year. 

It is just hoped that the lady upon the moment she becomes queen, not only will she possess the exquisite beauty and charm very much expected of her, but she becomes an inspiration and delight to the community that she “reigns” in.

In this regard, let this post introduce to you, tall and dusky, Ms. Ginger Carmela Diamante Orais, the Town Fiesta Queen of Dumangas, Iloilo for (May 5) 2009. She is the daughter of Captain Leovigildo Orais and Dr. Roslyn Derla Diamante. At 19, she is taking up Nursing at the University of San Agustin, Iloilo.  Ginger says that she will utilize her reign in supporting the various programs of the local government of Dumangas, particularly in the protection and conservation of the natural resources, and the feeding program of malnourished children.

Then let Her Majesty Queen Ginger rule!