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the Cariedo fountain across the Sta Cruz Church

All these years, I thought the fountain across the Sta. Cruz Church has been there permanently. I remember that everytime I passby the area, there has been a rotunda with a fountain on it. Then I found out that the waterfountain was originally from Sampaloc Manila and it was transferred there only in the recent years.

Apparently, during the 18th Century, Spanish Engineer, Don Francisco Carriedo y Peredo, as part of his charitable work, provided the seed fund of Ten Thousand Pesos, a princely sum, for the waterwork system in Manila. It used to be that rivers were the only source for water consumption whether as potable drinking water or for other sanitary use.

But it was only in late 19th Century, almost a hundred years after Carriedo had initially produced the money, that water was available through a waterwork system. And in honor of the the Philantropist Carriedo, a water fountain was inaugurated in 1882, in Sampaloc, Manila, the distribution point of Manila’s first waterwork engineering.  Then in the 20th Century, the Carriedo Fountain was transferred to the Main Office of Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS) in Balara, Quezon City. It is said that MWSS has the oldest waterworks system in Asia, thanks to Don Carriedo.

It was only during the first mayoral term of Alfredo Lim that the fountain got transferred to its present location in Sta. Cruz, Manila. But of course, MWSS wanted to have a memory of the signficant fountain by creating a replica of it thus National artist Napoleon Abueva was tasked to create another. And to be truthful, every time I pass by the area of MWSS compound, I have been coveting to feature the gracefully and classically carved fountain, except that the idea of its security interrogating me on why I would like to even take pictures of its fountain, prevents me to even consider going there. But now realizing the history of the water system, the need to go there maybe is not as much. There is Sta Cruz, Manila afterall.

fresh catch

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I have always wondered what happens in the morning along Roxas Boulevard, which is more famous for its spectacular sunset. An obvious guess would be that Manila dwellers use it as jogging path. And good enough, I was able to passby the area one weekday morning. I found out that there is more to Roxas Boulevard than just morning calisthenics and fantastic breeze.

post it (before it’s gone)

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Since the advent of email and the internet, it has been very seldom that i send personal letters or even receive them through post office mail. If at all, what I get are all sorts of business mail – from credit card companies or solicitations from other business corporations. I have often wondered if our postmen relish the idea of lugging along less bulk or they may have secret fears of them going into obsolesence.

But I just hope the Philippine Post Office Building at Liwasang Bonifacio remains for all generations to come. It is a wonderful piece of architecture that was done in 1926. With the stately columns greeting you, it is a marvel of neo classical design of Juan Arellano who also created other familiar edifices such as the Supreme Court Building and the old Congress (now the National Museum).

With the fast changing mode of communication technology, mail posts could be outdated really soon. But  let this iconic building be unchanged forever. ( Well, except for the tacky postman statue.)

through the narrow streets of past and now

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Since there was a little project to make which was taking pictures of architectural artifacts through Manila’s old streets, naturally the inclination was to go to historic Intramuros.  But then I had some trepidations. I have heard countless stories of local amateur photographer enthusiasts being asked to stop taking pictures of what is inside the Walled City. For what reason, I do not know. But I was told that certainly foreign guests and tourists can go click crazy with their cameras within the area.

But since my assistant and I were just nearby after taking the  picture of the iconic clock tower of the Manila City Hall, I decided to try and be the discreet photojournalist inside the venerable Intramuros. Just at the arch of Intramuros, one could have 25 peso meals at the makeshift stalls. Since it was about 12 noon, the students of Lyceum and Mapua, together with some laborers, partook the lunch prepared by the vendors. Many able bodied men huddle outside office buildings that export them as commercial boatfarers. Apparently the area is a hub for potential seamen waiting for their job papers so that they can explore the seas.   And then, all sorts of vehicles somehow litter the streets, making this special place quite frenzied.

But still, it is undeniable that the remnants of 400 years of Spanish Colonization  in this area can make one imagine how the place had been quite romantic and yet still tragic at the same time during those years. The narrow cobblestoned streets. The moss covered walls. The intricate grillwork of the lampposts and windows. The “bahay na bato” mansions. The centuries old basilicas and churches. The dungeons.

It is very apparent that through the help of the Department of Tourism and the Intramuros Administration, the place has maintained a semblance of the bygone era. Even newly built structures and buildings need to blend in with existing and preserved edifices. And in a recent television interview, the Administator is pushing for a museum that can be a tribute to the cultural relics and antiquities that only Intramuros is absolutely rich of.  Afterall, this is not only about acknowledging history, this is also about preserving patrimony.

By the way, who says that local photo afficionados like me are shunned in this place? Well, not me, thankfully.

the curio market

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I am very much into interior design. It is one of my pleasures. And if I need something special for any of the areas that need some refurbishing without necessarily breaking the bank, then the Dapitan Market at Quezon City has to be consulted somehow. There is just a vast array of home decor (and even fashion accessories) – some corny and cheesy, and some pleasantly tasteful – all of which are manufactured by enterprising and creative Filipinos.

One just needs to have a good eye to see all the possibilities of what is inside this market.


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The Philippines has definitely a rich and diverse amount of marine life as our country is an archipelago.  The surrounding oceans and seas give us bountiful resource of fish and aquatic animals for food supply and of course for ecological balance.

It is but fitting that somehow an entity has put up Manila Ocean Park, just behind the Luneta Grandstand to showcase what can be witnessed under the deep seas and the shallow waters surrounding our country and even the whole of South East Asia.

The Oceanarium is divided into sections depending on the kind of water environment where the marine life is. Examples of which are Laot (Fishing Ground), Buhay na Karagatan (The Living Ocean) and Ang Kalaliman (The Deep).  There are large aquarium enclosures where the malevolently looking stingrays and sharks swim freely. The kids will enjoy watching Nemo like creatures in their coral reef area.  But its piece de resistance is the 25 meter long underwater tunnel. Be mesmerized and soak in the event of the sea creatures enveloping your whole being. Truly a deep experience.

urban refuge at half the usual price

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There are days and times when you need to get a place that has all the essential elements of being like home but will not be costly on a daily basis. I then humbly present  to you my family’s little refuge that has been leased out by foreign guests at times for months.

Our place is a little bigger than the usual hotel unit, and has its own kitchen area where the microwave oven can be put into good use. There is also a set of tableware which you can utilize on the marble tabletop that can seat four people. And or course the area has the usual split type airconditioning, refrigerator, cable television, and heated shower.

The place is not in the most fashionable area (and not even in a fantastic building). Our place is near the corner of Roces Avenue and Quezon Boulevard. But it has access to many points as my unit is just 20 steps away from the main artery (Quezon Boulevard) of Quezon City. One can go to Trinoma and SM North, Quiapo, Cubao and MRT Station using public transportation. You may want to enjoy the night life near the area such as in Timog and Morato Avenues. Laugh your blues away at the comedy bars along Quezon Boulevard and Timog Avenue or go gaga over Pinoy stars at the nearby ABSCBN.

There is a variety of food that you can have downstairs. One can have the usual fast food stuff with Jollibee, Dunkin Donuts and Chowking nearby. But you can also have carinderia fare such as karekare, menudo, adobo or kaldereta at extremely low prices such that there is no need to cook food at all. There are 24/7 groceries even like 7-Eleven and the newly opened Ever Store just steps away. Of course, there is a laundry shop, like Metropole beside the building.

All of these and more at less than half the cost of the usual hotel price. For inquiries such as price and how to go there, please call or text me at 0917-8339894 or at 4180776.

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Bonus: For minimum 10 consecutive nights check in, you are entitled to a P500 discount once you purchase an Urbanities Lifestyle Laptop Bag.