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food trippin’

Posted in culture, food, lifestyle with tags , , , , on August 19, 2009 by mijodo

pastaice cream and rolls tomato, lemon and viandcanapecinammon bread

Food, glorious food. Food nourishes the body, and gives the vitality and vigor to enjoy life. Food is appreciated by the palate and the taste buds. But it should not stop there. Food should also be pleasing to the eyes, and should whet the appetite. And hopefully, photographers can come up with enticing pictures of the many varieties and assortment of the delicious, scrumptuous and fabulous food that we truly love and desire.

And sometime last week, I had the time to take some food images, under the helm of the most respected food photographer, Mr. Mark Floro. And with his words of encouragement, and lighting techniques, there is much chance that I should do more, after initial interests –, and

Hopefully the shots did provide the magic to crave for more pics. And hopefully it might interest you that I take some commercial photos for your food product. Let me know then (0917-9699894, 4180776), and let us have some more food trippin’ and food clickin’.