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elements of a spa and bathing ritual

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Bathing has gone a long long way. It is no longer just rushing to the bathroom to take a shower, and scrubbing yourself with some germicidal soap, and if need be, lathering the hair with some liquid substance. Bathing has become a luxuriating experience that has been extended to an art of relaxation and rejuvination – ala spa therapy.

One can now soak into the tub of warm water, sprinkled with bathing salts that not only improves health condition, but can even loosen tensed muscles.  As bathing today may involve all senses, one can get a whiff of the scents from the oils placed in a lit aromatherapy burner and let the candle light undulate while pampering your skin with an array of bars of gentle soap. And if one has more than enough time, one can indulge in a footspa or some handmassage while catching up some reading on some lifestyle magazines.  And to cap off a sensual moment, why not spray on some air freshner to the corners of the bedroom and even to the bedlinen for a goodnight rest.

Let all of these bathing and spa experiences create a new person in you, using all the available soaps, scents and oils, including from Caliko. In fact, why not mix some pleasure with business by being a local distributor of these Caliko products in your area. Please call Aimee at 09228965556, and get all the benefits from Caliko.

hot pools of pansol

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The stormy weather these days should not deter one from taking a dip into a pool, most specially if it is in Pansol, Laguna. The hot springs from Mt. Makiling provide the soothing waters which envelop one’s being after wading into the pools.

Because of the warm waters, resorts have been long established in the area to provide relaxation and rejuvenation to many for a minimal fee.  Yet some homes have also catered to tourist trekking to the area who want to have the pool just for themselves at a slightly higher cost. Just drive to the main roads of Calamba, and one gets to see dozens of men with small “karatolas” (signages) which will direct you to these homes.

But one may call Mang Rudy (0919-8636952/0922-6398849) to show around the hottest resort homes of Pansol. They’re “hot” not only because of the heated pools, but because these places are the town’s poshest in terms of architecture, accommodation and amenities.