whoa!! funny, cheesy, tacky, eeky pics of my travel in the usa and canada (haha)

4 Responses to “whoa!! funny, cheesy, tacky, eeky pics of my travel in the usa and canada (haha)”

  1. […] When you think about “Cagayan,” you do ask yourself, “Is this the capital, Cagayan de Oro City of Misamis Oriental of Northern Mindanao or is this Cagayan Province of Northern Luzon?” Cagayan de Oro City boasts of whitewater rafting activities and a busy seaport while Cagayan Province has cave exploration and spelunking for tourists. But “Cagayan Province” should not be confused with “Cagayan Valley” or the whole Region 2 area,  which is composed of the provinces of Batanes, Isabela, Nueva Vizcaya, Quirino, and Cagayan Province. Another name, set in the Mindanao turf, sets chaos probably among the minds of Filipino students studying for a geography quiz. Davao City which is the business and tourism hub of Mindanao is independent of any province, including Davao del Norte and Davao del Sur. Davao del Norte’s capital is Tagum City while Davao del Sur’s is Digos. Interestingly, and even probably more confusingly, Davao del Norte’s official and newest name is Davao Province. – But heck, after some stressful geography lessons in the Philippines, I guess it is time for some destressing which you can get plenty of in Panama City Beach Florida which is distinct from Panama City, Panama. (For some personal pics on my travel to America, please click on this: https://letsgopinas.wordpress.com/letsgopinas-goes-2-america/) […]

  2. Hi Mike
    Girlie should visit wonderworks on her next trip. From West Palm Beach they only reached as far as Orlando. You’re really going places man,with all those endless cousins, nephews, nieces and uncles. Have fun.

  3. Nice pics bro…You have tons of great pictures…More to come, especially apple picking

  4. thanks for all the help from you and rashid, sis.

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