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and then, there’s room for more (at again half the usual hotel price)!

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After the feature on our family’s personal unit has been posted(, some inquiries poured in if the unit can accommodate more than two people.  Apparently it can, but the others might need to sleep on the floor (with cushions).

But of course, we wanted to create another unit that can readily sleep more than two people thus we present a new unit with all the good amenities hotels can provide and more. Split type airconditioning, cable television, heated shower, refrigerator, microwave oven, dining area, and tableware – all at an incredible price.

Again, the unit may not be in the most modern and noteworthy building, and not in the most sophisticated neighborhood, but our place is very much accessible to jeepney and bus rides to the most interesting and entertaining places. One can shop and get fantastic bargains at Cubao, Quiapo and Divisoria with just one jeepney, bus or fx ride. Or one can buy international brand names at the biggest malls this side of Metro Manila at SM North and Trinoma, again just one ride away. For the nightlife, who wouldn’t want to laugh his way at many different comedy bars just minutes away from the unit.

Again, the unit is along Roces Avenue, Quezon City. It is just a quick step from Jollibee Roces or Chowking Roces along Quezon Boulevard. For inquiries, please call 0917-8339894 or 4180776/9368-368.

Bonus: For minimum 10 consecutive nights check in, you are entitled to a P500 discount once you purchase an Urbanities Lifestyle Laptop Bag.

made in china

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Well a friendship, that is.

Sometimes in life, once a personal connection is made, there are requests that are easier to fulfill for a friend. And this has happened between the guy model and the maker of the cotton shirts from Parson Enterprises (  They have been good buddies since they came from the same school in China years ago.

Simon Vincent Kodnar, college student who is half Chinese and half Austrian gamely posed before the camera. And he made sure that his presence was felt during the recent shoot. Not bad for a first timer.  I am quite sure that his friend/host is pleased as well.  With that, the friendship which started in Shanghai has crossed seas and has been made stronger at some remote islands of Palawan.

elements of a spa and bathing ritual

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Bathing has gone a long long way. It is no longer just rushing to the bathroom to take a shower, and scrubbing yourself with some germicidal soap, and if need be, lathering the hair with some liquid substance. Bathing has become a luxuriating experience that has been extended to an art of relaxation and rejuvination – ala spa therapy.

One can now soak into the tub of warm water, sprinkled with bathing salts that not only improves health condition, but can even loosen tensed muscles.  As bathing today may involve all senses, one can get a whiff of the scents from the oils placed in a lit aromatherapy burner and let the candle light undulate while pampering your skin with an array of bars of gentle soap. And if one has more than enough time, one can indulge in a footspa or some handmassage while catching up some reading on some lifestyle magazines.  And to cap off a sensual moment, why not spray on some air freshner to the corners of the bedroom and even to the bedlinen for a goodnight rest.

Let all of these bathing and spa experiences create a new person in you, using all the available soaps, scents and oils, including from Caliko. In fact, why not mix some pleasure with business by being a local distributor of these Caliko products in your area. Please call Aimee at 09228965556, and get all the benefits from Caliko.


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Lahar was not a familiar geological entity for most Filipinos until the eruption of Mt. PInatubo in 1991. Since then, lahar has been a byword synonymous to catastrophe which full impact was known only when mud and sludge would create havoc in most of Pampanga. During the rainy season after the volcano eruption, lahar buried and wiped out the town of Bacolor, and spared no home, including the ornate town church of San Guillermo.

Yet even as many of Pampangos tried to rebuild their houses and their lives on top of lahar filled grounds, the townfolks also had to make use of what still remained of their half buried church. Where front main windows were supposed to be, now such have become the main entrance doors of the church. And since then, the belfry, together with the church ceiling has been significantly shortened by about twenty feet.  Also, with fiesty spirit, the people of Bacolor have dug up lahargrounds to save and use again the original beautiful retablo.

The church’s height may seem to be less imposing this time. But because of the remarkable history, the church and  people of Bacolor have stood much much taller.

the great classic cotton shirt

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There is nothing like wearing the classic cotton shirt. Whether it is v-neck, round neck, or with collar, whether it is tapered or loose, whether it is in pure white or black or the more fanciful colored one – no other shirt gives you that relaxed and ready to go (even possibly, ready to sleep!) comfort wear.

The classic cotton shirt is almost available everywhere, and yet the shirt does not go out of style. It may evolve a little bit, but still the simple cotton tee will never be yesterday’s fashion. Go to the mall to purchase one or go to your brother’s closet to borrow one. If it fits then it works.  And if one needs to get shirts at wholesale prices whether as a business venture or for other needs, then check out the reliable Culex Enterprises (telephone number # 2448366) and look for Raquel.

Whether one is in camisa de chino, in sando, or even in sweatshirt, the cotton fiber gives out that breathable, non-sticky, lightweight feeling. Be chic. Be cool. Be in cotton.

the curio market

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I am very much into interior design. It is one of my pleasures. And if I need something special for any of the areas that need some refurbishing without necessarily breaking the bank, then the Dapitan Market at Quezon City has to be consulted somehow. There is just a vast array of home decor (and even fashion accessories) – some corny and cheesy, and some pleasantly tasteful – all of which are manufactured by enterprising and creative Filipinos.

One just needs to have a good eye to see all the possibilities of what is inside this market.

paradigm redux: finally, a finalist!

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The pictures above may look familiar. Apparently I took the pictures for a salon client,  made a short feature on it, and included some of the pictures, in this same blogsite(

But there was more to just having a pictorial with the client, Paradigm Salon. Apparently some of the pictures were submitted to a hairstyling contest sponsored by world reknowned hairproduct brand, Davines (  The main focus was on the hairstyling itself, but as a photographer I had to capture the right angles, correct haircolor and incorporate a certain mood to the pictures for editorial purposes. But obviously, it was still a team effort with the stylists and the management of Paradigm Salon.

Just last week, I found out that one picture I took was chosen as part of the finalists among the thousands of hairshots presented. And on the final night, the group of hairstylists  of Paradigm Salon needs to create the same hair couture for the ultimate judging. And the group hopes we get the plum prize, for some bragging rights.

Just the same even if we don’t reach the top, thank you, Mr. Mhel (Owner) and Tony (Manager) for the opportunity to work with you. Goodluck to Paradigm Salon. Goodluck to us.